Judy A.

What do you want others to know about lupus?

Lupus is completely unpredictable + sometimes relentless. Just when you think you're over one problem, another one creeps up and smacks you down...or at least tries to. It's an everyday struggle and sometimes it's exhausting to keep on fighting, but you can't give up.

Why is lupus a cruel mystery to you?

Living with Lupus for 33 years has damaged my bones, damaged my kidneys, zapped me of energy, but it hasn't taken away my determination, strength + spirit to keep on fighting and it never will!! In addition to Lupus, I have AVN, Fibromyalgia + Gout. I'm in the process of going on the (kidney) transplant list due to my failing kidneys. I take prednisone and procrit along with about eight other meds for hypertension & high cholesterol...all lupus related. I used to take cytoxan, which blew out my ovaries. Every drug had its pros and cons and much of my symptoms today have more to do with side effects from my drugs than anything else. They are what I call my "necessary evils". At 50 years old, I've lived with these problems ALMOST 2/3 of my life...but like I said, I'm strong and determined and I'll never give up or give in. I may REST a lot, but I still live a full, happy life!!!


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