Diagnosed at 43

What do you want others to know about lupus?

You can have Lupus and it doesn't have to have you. When I was diagnosed, I felt alone, but its not true. You have family, friends, and great websites to help you.

Why is lupus a cruel mystery to you?

Lupus took part of my vision away from me. It has made me partially blind but I see so much more now. It makes me appreciate my good days. Since I've been diagnosed February, 2011, I have treated myself with respect. I eat better, I workout harder, and when I have a good day, I make sure I make the most of it. I will never know if Lupus will take the rest of my vision or attack another part of my body, however, I can't live my life waiting in fear. It has made me realize my true friends and how much I love my family.

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