Diagnosed at 27

What do you want others to know about lupus?

Like mny diseases Lupus doesn't always have a recognizable face.It's a chronic autoimmune disease n doesn't discriminate attacking any part of ur bdy.Lupus is oftn xs physically painfl, emotionally draining n can mke u wnt 2 gve up. Like mny diseases Lupus can also b friendly.With the proper care, considerate n attention SHE can appear non-existent 4 lng period...

Why is lupus a cruel mystery to you?

There was a time whn I categorized Lupus as merely antr obstacle I was 2 face along my lifes' journey. I'd say, "Well, I have a sickness, when I'm sick I'll let u know!" Up until about 3 yrs ago I truly meant that. Now it's a sentiment tht comes and goes. smh.... Currently I feel that Lupus as taken over my right 2 live an endure as I once did. It has ripped me of my energy,stamina as well as my ability to be resilient in most instances. Lupus has striped my patience, as I'm not nearly as tolerant as I once was. My mind won't allowed me 2 conceptualize nonsense an my body no longer affords me the right to deal with it. Stress causes aches, pain, scarring an a host of others nuances which have compromised my spirit to some degree. Now,(at tmes) people make me sick-literally. Complacency on the part of others, annoys me. A lack of comprehension and regard, stumps my ability to want to be around people. Don't get me wrong you don't have to be plagued with a disease for ppl to annoy u. However, when you have a disease, it can definitely cause you to be at a dis-ease. The PHYSICAL PAIN of LUPUS can do that. On the contrary, Lupus has taught,WAIT! has forced me 2 lrn how 2 say NO! How 2 not concern myself with issues that dnt't blng to me.

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