Lisa Marie

What do you want others to know about lupus?

Learn all you can about Lupus and SPREAD the word.Letting people know you have Lupus is not easy. For this is a illness that can not be seen, and if people cannot see it they think you are not sick. Well walk in my shoe's!!! and you will know how bad Lupus can reall be. so It is very important to arm your family and friends with all the information you can find.

Why is lupus a cruel mystery to you?

It has made my days very hard to get through at home and work both physically and mentally. It is so hard just to do your everyday chours like getting out of bed, getting dressed, doing you hair, cleaning ,cooking, laundry, UHGGGG!!!!!! it makes me so tired just thinking about it, you loose all your energy and the pain can be so unbearable. Support is so important for the Mind, Body and the Soul. Learn to say No and make time for yourself. Even if you have to lock the bathroom door and take a bath, that time is so important you cant believe how just 1/2 hour of rest can make a differance. Stay away from stress. Hello!! everyday living is full of stress But learning how to deal with it will make a ton of difference in your life and talking to other will help find a local support group. GOD BLESS and Good Health for all.

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