Diagnosed at 31

What do you want others to know about lupus?

It is amazing how much lupus can change your life if you let it but if you keep informed and take control of your care life can still be wonderful. You have to speak up for yourself and let people know that you may not be feeling good but it does not make you a different person. Lupus has changed my life but I dont want it to change me.

Why is lupus a cruel mystery to you?

Having lupus has made life more difficult and there are day I feel very guilty about not being able to do things for my kids that I really want to. There are days that I can not walk or maybe eat or sleep but I dont want give in to that. I have had to learn to speak up and to take control. It is never easy to learn something new but it is even harder when you are not working the right way. I love my family and thank them everyday for helping through this. It is scary but with all the wonderful people out there it is not as bad as it could be.

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