Diagnosed at 31

What do you want others to know about lupus?

Even though I don't look sick, I am sick. My symptoms weren't in my head. Keep looking for a doctor who will listen - they are out there!

Why is lupus a cruel mystery to you?

In 2006, I got pregnant for the first time. It was then that I found out I had lupus anticoagulant and a positive ANA test. My pregnancy was rough, but we both made it out OK, thankfully. Afterwards, I was sent to a hematologist who told me I didn't need to see him. He sent me to a rheumatologist, who said I didn't need to see her. In 2008, I was pregnant again, and I had 4 TIAs during that pregnancy. After my son was born, I was put on coumadin for life. My physical symptoms kept getting worse. Some doctors said yes, it was lupus, others said no. Finally, after 5 years of this run around, and dealing with more and more pain and exhaustion, not to mention 3 more TIAs, I finally found a wonderful rheumatologist and got my diagnosis just yesterday. She started me on Plaquenil, and I finally, finally have hope again.

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