Diagnosed at 21

What do you want others to know about lupus?

I would like to bring more awareness of this life altering disease. The lack of public knowledge forces those of us with Lupus to suffer in silence. I want others to know that we are all in this fight together!

Why is lupus a cruel mystery to you?

Lupus has made me VERY aware of, well, everything....I was diagnosed in February of 2000. I am currently in my "third" life. I say that because, in the past, I have had 2 life changing flares and am currently in my 3rd. Each MAJOR flare, especially this one, changed my ENTIRE life. I have been "stuck" in this one since February 2010. I was "medically terminated" from my employer, HighMark BCBS, March 21, 2012. This flare has been, by far, the hardest for me. Once I was placed on medical leave I was advised by HighMark BCBS, my employer, I was not aloud to be on the property because I "don't look sick"...I thought I did everything right...I requested an open position for less $ and a set schedule, due to the stress corporate put on me for being 2min over my 4.5min talk time limit. (I worked in customer service for United Concordia. They refused my request stating that they paid too much to train me for them to allow me to take a $3.00 pay cut....As if that wasn't bad enough, my family, after about 6 months started disappearing out of my life. This flare has made me stand up for EVERYONE who suffers a chronic illness. I intend to file a discrimination suit against HighMark. We are real people too, and my voice will be heard!

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