What do you want others to know about lupus?

Living each day with lupus can be a emotional roller coaster, you can cry then be happy. But some days when I feel good I try my best to make myself happy, running and swimming. I can't let this disease control me, but I need to control it.

Why is lupus a cruel mystery to you?

In January 2010, I was diagnosed with lupus nephritis I was away at college when I noticed my ankles were swollen and throughout five days it got more worse. I went to the emergency room, the doctor there told it had to do with my kidneys I need to go home right away and see my rehmotologist. I saw my doctor, I gained 35 pounds in water. I still managed to finish that semester, traveling back and forth often. I did a kidney biopsy found out I was a class 4 and 5.The doctors put me on the higher dose of medications. Finally the activity seemed to slow down for awhile. That semester I finished strong. The highest amount of medications continued to work unil Oct 2011, I was in school once again, when the doctor called me.She said I know we have been trying for you to get off the predinsone but I need to increase it to 60mg and cellcept to 6 pills a day. I was showing a lot of lupus activity in my kidneys again. From Oct to December the medication wasn't working anymore the cellcept, so the doctor said I need you to make a choice about starting chemo (cytioxn) in January.I thought about it, it was my only option they were running out of options.I decided to start it in Jan,take a semester off school. I have lost my hair, struggling with beauty but I am looking forward to the end of no chemo and predinsone.Iwantmybodyback!


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