Diagnosed at 46

What do you want others to know about lupus?

As you can see, sometimes the age of diagnoses can be later. If you believe something is wrong with you, and you know your body well, insist on the test for Lupus. It is imperative. My symptoms existed for many years (early 20's), but came together many years later. Don't give in to this disease, stay and stand strong. Trust in the Lord for your strength

Why is lupus a cruel mystery to you?

Because of people not being aware of this disease, they do not know how to respond when you are ill. Because of my faith in the Lord, I refused to let it overtake me. Support wise, my marriage ended, because he did not want to "get what I had." Now, I have someone who is aware and is very supportive. I have had both hips replaced, but I'm still standing! I've lost most of my hair, but thank the Lord for whomever made wigs! My family is very supportive, as my church family is. I thank the Lord daily when I awake for allowing me to see another day. I live life to the fullest. It was found that I had Lupus while on active duty for 23 years, and I am now 100% service-connected!

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