What do you want others to know about lupus?

My mother has had lupus for about 16 years now. A lot of people do not know Lupus or think it’s not that serious, and neither did I until I started getting involved. Lupus is a serious disease that attacks all the major organs in your body. Lupus almost made lose my mother multiple times, but my mother is a fighter, she fights this nasty disease called lupus to w...

Why is lupus a cruel mystery to you?

Lupus has impacted not only my mother’s life but her families too. We do not like seeing her go through the changes she does, losing her hair, losing her teeth, her skin weakening, and seeing her just struggle every day to get by. I just learned my teenage years that my mom is never going to lose this disease, she has it and try to accept the fact that she does. I may not be able to go back in time to try and save her from it……. But what I can do is be there for her, support her, and try to help her out as much as I can, which I do and I will always do. I Love you mom!

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