Diagnosed at 53

What do you want others to know about lupus?

Lupus is the most confusing disease there is. There is no standard symptom, nothing is A-typical about it. It affects everything, skin -which is the largest organ on the body, then it also attacks vital organs. It is as if your body is in "revolt" against you. What should be helping you has started to attack you and you have no defense.

Why is lupus a cruel mystery to you?

I already have been dealing with a life changing illness for the past ten years. Everything I needed to do to stay healthy due to this illness is now harmful to me because of my Lupus diagnosis. I have had major problems adjusting to my new found "station" in life, I have not been able to put this disease in perspective. I find myself more anxious, paranoid about the least litte pain, spot, etc. I believe I have been having dental issues as a result of this disease, but there is not much dental information available. Luckily my dentist is will to learn about my disease so he can help me and be aware of what to look for in dental problems. I have had some great support from my providers I see for my first health issue, they have assured me that I can live a full, productive life with just a few minor changes. Keep my skin clean and protected, EXERCISE always, eat healthy (Ihave no choice due to my 10 yr medical issues)get lots of rest. This is the one part I have problems with. The mental health part has been my biggest factor to overcome, how to deal with my diagnosis but not be a emotional burden to my family and friends. I have yet to tell the majority of the people in my life about my disease. I will be getting help through couseling to be able to express my life change with family and friends w/o crying!

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