M Jackson
Diagnosed at 14

What do you want others to know about lupus?

I always like to let people know that I have "Lupus" but " Lupus " does not have me. Lupus is a master of disguises. One moment it has on a nice face and the next moment it changes into something ugly. Although it has its bad side, many people are living longer today as long as they follow up with their doctor and receive good support from family/friends.

Why is lupus a cruel mystery to you?

In 2008, it took me out in the worse way. I was hospitalized and bedridden for 6 months. I was not able to go back to work. I could not walk or feed myself. I experienced memory loss and speech difficulty. My weight decreased to 90lbs. I had butterfly rash.I had loss of hair. I did not want to be around anyone. I started to hate life.

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