Diagnosed at 29

What do you want others to know about lupus?

No two people are alike. Symptoms can be similar, but this disease affects every person differently. If someone you love has lupus, PLEASE do a little research. Don't just go by what you've "heard" or maybe by someone else you may know that has lupus. We know you mean well, but sometimes the best meant-well comments can hurt the most.

Why is lupus a cruel mystery to you?

The biggest impact was when I had to stop working at 31years old. I am a nurse and it is my passion, and my calling. I miss being able to do it, but am determined that I will return to it and be better at it than ever ! There is also some guilt that comes with having to opt out of things, or cancel plans at the last minute. THe best thing in a Lupie's life, is a strong support system. My husband is the BEST. Always puts me first, knows that my heart and my body are in two different places, and is not above helping out with things like housework, or even the occassional time when he has to help me with things like grooming or dressing. He is the biggest blessing in my life and I wouldn't be able to get through my Lupus days without him. I also have a strong faith and relationship with God, without it, this disease would've gotten the best of me long ago.

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