T. lockard

What do you want others to know about lupus?

It's a "chronic" disease that affects mostly women. And it's usually diagnosed during child bearing yrs. ...It's extremely difficult to live with, & the simplest chores become difficult tasks. It saps energy, & causes mood swings. Many sufferers have to file for disability because they're unable to work--& need care givers. We need more funding for a cure ASAP!

Why is lupus a cruel mystery to you?

I was diagnosed w/Lupus last yr. Prior to my diagnosis, I had little knowledge of the disease. However, after my diagnosis, I did a lot of research. And, after my research, I was devastated! But, more importantly, I was amazed to learn that so little has been done to defeat this disease (that affects mostly women). ...6 mos. ago, I went to a different state for a 2nd opinion (I had 8 tests & 3 Doctors--who specialize in autoimmune diseases). And I was both relieved & thankful to learn that I'm Lupus free--& my initial diagnosis was incorrect. However, after what I learned about Lupus & lupus sufferers, I can't walk away from the cause (or forget about it). It's too painful for both the Lupus patient & his/her Family. And I don't understand why Congress has not allotted more funds specifically for Lupus research. ...We have discovered how to prolong the life of an AIDS patient, & how to help a pregnant woman w/HIV/AIDS give birth to a healthy baby. So why can't we do more for Lupus sufferers???? ..We can--and we should!

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