What do you want others to know about lupus?

Lupus strikes at any age, any given time, and quite unexpectedly. It changes your life, each day demanding alot of care and understanding by your family,coworkers,and friends. Alot more needs to be done for Lupus sufferers. I personally have watched this disease develop, and strike hard medically to my daughter at 21 yrs of age. We are still walking this walk.

Why is lupus a cruel mystery to you?

My daugher was diagnosed with this at age 21 at delivery time of her first born child. We did not know what was going on through the whole pregnancy and it was very hard on her. There is so little done in the physician field with symptoms, care, medications, and followup. Everytime she has had a severe flareup, we have gone from one doctor only to be told to go to another specialty. Even the hospitals do this. It is sad. It seems as if they dont want to touch this condition, and know very little about it despite the progress that has been made the past few years. It has impacted my whole families life. My daughter and her son especially. It is hard to watch a child wanted to be held and rocked, unable to be held and rocked by his mother, because the disease hurts so intensely,the swelling and joint crippling effects are so hard on her body. I pray for a cure, i pray for help. God bless the mothers and children. They need all the support we can give.

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