Diagnosed at 29

What do you want others to know about lupus?

It takes lots of strength,Lot of Faith, Lot Of Prayer, and Lot Of support from your family and friends to help you to cope with this things.

Why is lupus a cruel mystery to you?

I have had walking pneumonia at the ages of 29,30,31 I has been in and out of the emergency room for what I was told was allergies from changing climates. I've lived in a lots of states and fallen sick in each state, When We lived in Texas, I was admitted into the hospital with fluids of the heart and lungs due to my lupus complications. Liver and Kidney Figure. Now I have a terrible cough that would keep me up at night, spots on my legs that would itch turn red and then turn black. I went to the dermatologist the throat and ear doctor, and even had to go see an eye doctor because I started to get blurred vision. I have to take some much meds for my S.L.E. even Chemotherapy. Some days I'm so weak,in pain or sick to my stomach, I stayed in bed all day.I'm Disable, not able to work due to the compilations from my lupus.

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