What do you want others to know about lupus?

I really don't think people fully understand the complications of Lupus or how it affects the body. They see you as a normal person but usually you are in some type of pain or fatigued from the disease. I feel after 28 years of dealing with Lupus I have a good understanding that proper rest, exercise, and a healthy diet will do nothing but benefit us suffering.

Why is lupus a cruel mystery to you?

When I was first diagnosed it was the spring of my senior year of high school. It was a total shock my family and I didn't even know what Lupus was. After a bunch of research to understand what Lupus actually is then I wondered why me. I was angry for a long time until just recently this past Christmas. I developed pneumonia 2 weeks prior to Christmas. Not knowing at the time I just played it off as a cold and worked until my vacation Christmas week. Two days after Christmas I developed a terrible pain in my side and developed a 103.5 temperature. After being admitted into the emergency room and some tests it was determined that I developed two blood clots in my lungs, which were now inflamed from the Lupus. As I sat in the hospital bed for 8 days having my lungs drained and battling high fevers thinking about my 4 kids at home on New Years eve I realized how grateful I should be for all the things I have, to stop being so angry and possibly help someone else. See this was the latest flare but I haven't experienced one in about 15 years. I did however have hip surgery in 93 and several flares there after but nothing to this magnitude. What I honestly learned was wake up and look at the good things around you before it's too late.

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