Diagnosed at 36

What do you want others to know about lupus?

I want people to know that lupus is different for every person. But what is consistent and holds true for everyone who has it is this: it can be all together consuming and hard to have hope. But with support from family, friends, doctors who care, and from advocates like LFA, life can be wonderful if you let it. I have lupus but it doesn't have me.

Why is lupus a cruel mystery to you?

Because lupus manifests itself differently for every person it can be near impossible to get an accurate diagnosis. Lupus nearly killed me when I was pregnant and very nearly, my baby. Doctors were baffled as to why my health was deteriorating so, thinking it was a childbirth issue. It wasn't until months later that my very persistent primary care physician discovered my lupus. It was a long road to even diagnosis, never mind, getting the right combination of medicines. I often felt so tired and depressed and thought so many times that an answer would never come. While a diagnosis has not waved a magic wand over me and suddenly I am well, I have hope for my future. I plan on growing old with my husband and watching my children's children play in the yard. I have hope for my future because I have to live that way if I am to live at all.


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