Diagnosed at 19

What do you want others to know about lupus?

Lupus is nearly impossible to explain and understand.

Why is lupus a cruel mystery to you?

I lived a healthy life, was never a sickly child growing up. The spring of 2014 quickly changed that. It began with the butterfly rash that took over my face for almost 3 months. Then as soon as the butterfly rash magically vanished over night, my joints began to ache. The pain was debilitating. I needed help writing, getting dressed, tying my shoes and putting them on, I needed help reaching up to brush my hair and bless his heart, my boyfriend had to master the ponytail. But the hair wasn't an issue for long, because then it started falling out. Slowly but surely.. I ended up not having any left to cover up the bald spots and had to shave it. That was probably the hardest part of my Lupus diagnosis that I have had to deal with, thus far and I am grateful for that. Thank God, my Lupus hasn't affected me internally... yet. Though it is a worry I battle daily. I know there if life to be lived today though and that is my goal. To always live for today because I do not know what tomorrow may bring.

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