Meies Matz
Diagnosed at 26

What do you want others to know about lupus?

Lupus does NOT define me! Rather the love of family & friends, these stars of hope etched onto my soul for eternity who help me to navigate my way & take on the world on stages of my own making – reminding me I will be ok. Maybe not all at once, but bit by bit, as their patience & love guide my spirit back into the light wherein I am transformed & made whole.

Why is lupus a cruel mystery to you?

Lupus – like the vine, works its roots into the mortar of our bodies’ foundation, in a manner counterintuitive to nature, seeking entry at our weakest points. Spreading inflammation that winds itself about without regard or care – sending its aerial roots into the smallest of crevices restricting flow - as its tendrils wrap round and stretch us from within until we weaken and burst. Too often residing in our narrow spaces, becoming a place of darkness, where we are acutely aware that life is finite and holds no guarantees. Meies Matz 2014!luppie-land/c1nu8

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