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LFA, Alaska Chapter
(907) 338-6332

Diagnosed at 25
It's a very isolating condition, as are most invisible illnesses. People just can't relate to the unfamiliar and I find you have to manage to find that extra bit of...
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Diagnosed at 42
Just because I don't look sick doesn't mean I'm not sick...I get so tired of hearing that. My joints ache, I get rashes on my skin, my hair is falling out, I'm exha...
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Diagnosed at 37
I want others to know that this is a non-curable, fatal disease that, in my opinion should hold as much sway with the medical community as Cancer does. There is mor...
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Diagnosed at 30
At 19 I was told I had MS. I was 30 when the Doctors in another state changed my diagnosis to Lupus. I'm an advocate for moving forward and not letting this 5 lett...
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Lupus is a disease that really effects the entire family and friends. Because of not knowing how it will impact the patient on a day to day basis.
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