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District of Columbia

LFA, DC/MD/VA Chapter
(202) 349-1167

Gail McCat
Diagnosed at 59
I was going to a clinic to find out why I went from 145lbs to 110lbs. They took blood every week for a yeaeeeeeee and could not come uo with an answer. I change...
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Diagnosed at 23
Lupus can be a disease that attacks any part of your body without warning. One day you feel great, the next, you are in horrible pain and discomfort. This disease ...
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Diagnosed at 51
Iwas diagnosed with lupus in may 2011 my doctor did a blood work she find out that i did have lupus and sjogrens syndrome. I have very bad joints pain that sometime...
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Diagnosed at 53
Lupus is the most confusing disease there is. There is no standard symptom, nothing is A-typical about it. It affects everything, skin -which is the largest organ...
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Sara Chang
That lupus most often strikes people in the prime of their life.
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Lupus is devastating
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Diagnosed at 29
Lupus is not the end. Lupus is not cancer. It is not contagious. Lupus can be fatal, but if you know the signs and how to manage it then you'll be okay!
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Diagnosed at 25
that lupus is for me very hard, it might not be that way for you, but you need to have a strong support system
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Lupus has the power to change lives and not many people know about it. If there was greater lupus awareness, lupus patients would not feel so isolated and would rec...
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