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LFA, Pacific Northwest Chapter
(877) 744-2992

Lupus is my purgatory. I am a lost soul in this horrific illness. The things it has taken from me are never ending! I have all 3 types of lupus plus Sjögren's syndr...
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Oh the terrible rollercoaster I am strapped upon with an unknown destination.. LUPUS. .. I have a never ending list of complaints .wishes.. anger... prayers...faith...
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Diagnosed at 46
NEVER give up! If one Medical Provider ignores you or minimizes your health issue you simply excuse them and move on to the next. Never give up. Keep going to appoi...
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When I realized I am not alone and although there are not enough resources for people with lupus there could be, We have to stand together and spread the word every...
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Diagnosed at 25
No one really understands
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Diagnosed at 17
Lupus has robbed me of what were supposed to be "the best years of my life" I'm 21 now, living with this disease every day. The swelling, and the aches and pains ar...
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Lupus is a serious illness that causes pain not only to the one that has it but to the family and friends of the person who is suffering with the illness.
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Diagnosed at 37
I want people to know this disease will rob you of your former self. Deep inside I am the same person and have the same desires and dreams but this disease has push...
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Diagnosed at 12
Lupus is a hard and deadly disease, it has impacted my life deeply. I was diagnosed at an age where no one can detect lupus. knowing that there is no cure for this ...
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I have a friend who is living with lupus and it is scary to think that every day is a conquered quest for her body to endure. With no cure, each day would be so har...
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Diagnosed at 20
living with lupus
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Diagnosed at 31
I was 31 when diagnosed with lupus
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Michelle L
Diagnosed at 27
Because of the way Lupus effects people they may not always "look" sick, but they are. With such a wide array of symptoms that are happening internally, from Kidney...
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deanna dut
Diagnosed at 40
My mother passed from complications,I have a neice living with this disease,and after many yrs of saying it was all in my head getting told it was cancer,fibromyalg...
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Diagnosed at 56
Lupus is such an unknown and misunderstood disease, that if someone you know well, or yourself has it- there is no empathy! Ignorance of the scope of this (obnoxiou...
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