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LFA, Vermont Chapter
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Diagnosed at 57
I now suspect that I have been suffering from Lupus for at least 25 years...ridden the loop (no pun intended) of being told I 'might' have Lupus to 'you don't have ...
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Diagnosed at 18
It does not have to take over your life if you don't want it too..You can go on and live your life like everyone else. I have and Lupus has taken me for a ride
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Diagnosed at 52
Have had many lupus like symptoms throughout my life, looking back. Wasnt officially diagnosed until age 52. Able to live as full a life as possible, need to list...
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Diagnosed at 31
You never know what your day will bring. Each day can and probably will give you something new to handle. You won't always worry about what's coming next, you'll ju...
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S Smith
Diagnosed at 40
Still possible to live well; just have to balance your activities and pick your battles. Wish there was a cure!
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Diagnosed at 28
Lupus is not only life-threatening; it is incredibly painful and difficult to live with from day to day.
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Diagnosed at 30
It changes everything in your life. Even the simple things like holding hands and opening jars are harder. Its also never consistant, each day can be different.
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Sam I. Am
Diagnosed at 19
Lupus does not follow rules, or organize nicely into a flow-chart. It is an idiosyncratic disease, and no diagnostic test works for every lupus patient.
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